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“The Selfie” verses Senior Portraits

January 21, 2019

“The Selfie verses Senior Portraits” are selfies enough or are professional portraits still important? Let’s say you have one of the best cell phone cameras available, you’ve mastered lighting, composition, styling, chose an amazing location, captured the perfect selfie and then slapped on your favorite filter. The perfect senior portrait moment, right? Maybe not. How long will that image be on your phone? Will you be able to find your image in the cloud in the future? Will you remember the image you captured? What if you decide one day to print enlarged copies of your image? Sorry, not possible with a low resolution cell phone image. Why are professional senior portraits important in a generation of selfies?

Senior year is the celebration of adolescence and your launching into adulthood. You are preparing to say good-bye to many and hello to new adventures, new people and new experiences. Yes, you will stay in touch with a few, but your life after high school will be quite different than it was senior year. There will come a time when you will be scrambling through your phone for images from senior year trying to recall a face, a moment, an outfit, a memory. But now those high school images are buried under a  hundred new images on your phone. Are your high school memories still there? Buried in the cloud somewhere, maybe?

Flash forward 5 years and you are sitting around with your new friend group and you start reminiscing about your high school days? Flash forward even more, 15+ years and you’re sitting with your 5 year old daughter who wants to see what you looked liked in high school. What was your hairstyle, hair color, favorite outfit, who were your BFFs, what sports did you play, what were your hobbies, what kind of car did you drive, did you have a pet? Where are those images? Are your memories lost in the cloud? Don’t lose your memories. Images not only show what you looked like at a specific time. Images bring back time, feelings, emotions and help you to recall so much.

So how can professional senior portraits preserve your high school memories?


Senior portraits should capture you, candid, casual, glamorous and looking your best. Your portraits should capture your favorite outfits, car, sports, friends, family, pets, locations, hobbies, feelings and emotions. A professional senior photographer will capture the real you and provide you with heirloom quality products that will last for generations. Prints and products that you can find with ease. Whether you choose a USB of your digital files, mobile online gallery, prints, an album or other products, having easy access to your memories is important.

You don’t need hundreds of images to remember your time in high school. But you will never regret having a few that recall your favorites memories. They say your generation is the most photographed but that your generation will have no pictures in 10 years. Don’t lose your memories. You can find the time for a senior portrait session. In as little as 30 minutes, the right photographer can capture so much about you. Yes, professional photography cost money, but what price can you place on your memories? What is more important than the people and experiences who helped shape you into the person you are today?

The following session contains many memories for 2019 Grafton Senior Sarah. Sarah is wearing a gorgeous red jumpsuit that she wore to her Dad’s retirement ceremony. She is also wearing a pendent her Dad gave to her at the ceremony. She included her boyfriend in a few images. So appropriate since Valentine’s Day is in couple weeks. Her mom fix her hair and helped her get ready for her session. This was just a 30-minute winter mini. But how many memories do you think will come back to Sarah in 10 years when she looks back at these images? Don’t lose your memories. Book your senior portrait session today!


selfies verses senior portraits