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Sydney’s Senior Portraits

August 5, 2017

Sydney’s Senior Portraits were at Harwood Mills Reservoir where she spends time kayaking and fishing. Sydney enjoys the outdoors. Her dream vacation would be a trip to Colorado and her dream job would be wildlife rehabilitation. Her best day ever would be adventuring with her boyfriend Thomas and her dog Ranger. Both of whom she brought to her portrait session. Sydney’s greatest achievement to date is saving all her money for 10 years to buy her dog Ranger.

Sydney is a real trooper it was a sweltering July evening and the bugs were terrible. It was a great reminder to always bring plenty of water, bug spray and blotting paper to your session.

It was so much fun working with Sydney to incorporate the things she loves into her session. She brought her dog, Ranger of course and her Kayak. Thomas came for moral support but we did manage to capture a few images with him as well.

Sydney’s Senior Portraits